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Cunard Line Cigarette Tin


Made by Cope Brothers of the UK circa 1910, this cigarette tin was sold to passengers on the Cunard Line steamers as a souvenir of their journey. Hard to find in this condition, these tins appeal to collectors of tins and shipping memorabilia alike.

The condition of this tin is rated 7.5/10 with some blemishes (restorable) to the picture on the lid as shown. The base is clean and it has no rust. It measures 8.5 x 7 x 1.5 cm. Please contact us by email for more images.

Stock Code: NAU001     PRICE:  $750.00  AUD

Richmond Navy Cut Tobacco Tin


This stunning little tin was manufactured by Richmond Cavendish & Co of Liverpool, England circa 1895 and once contained sweetened golden leaf navy cut tobacco.

These are very hard to come by in any state and the condition of this tin is at least 8/10 or better.  The lithograph picture to the lid is bright and colourful without any flaws.  The same image appears on a paper label inside the lid and although complete, this paper is stained from the tobacco it once held and has some tears.  The intricate pattern around the tin has some slight rubbing to the front right corner.  There is no rust or damage to the tin.  Its quite a small tin and measures only 8 x 5 x 3.5 cm.

Stock Code:  NAU002     PRICE:  $650.00  AUD

Hignett's "Pilot" Flake Tobacco Tin


This Hignett's "Pilot" Flake tobacco tin, made circa 1910, is one of the all time classic English tins.  Most reference books on tobacco tins feature it for this very reason. 

Its hard to find them in this condition after 100 years of use.  This tin is rated 8/10 or better.  The lithograph image on the lid is bright and colorful with only the smallest of marks.   The sides of the tin are a shiny gold and there is no significant rust or damage.  it measures 14.5 x 8.5 x 5 cms.

Stock Code:  NAU003     PRICE:  $200.00  AUD

Salmon & Gluckstein's Life Boat Cigarette Tin


The Life Boat Cigarette Tin by Salmon & Gluckstein is a fine example of the heavily deocrated lithographic tins made in Enbgland in the early 1900's.  Heroic maritime themes were popular in the day and were commonly featured on many different tins.  It was originally decorated with quite a bit of gold trimming which is usually worn off the tins found today.  The same colourful image that is on the top of the tin is also printed on the inside of the lid making it as impressive when open as it is when closed.

This tin has a little wear to the raised gold edged rim on the lid but is in otherwise excellent condition with the lithograph in fantastic detail and undamaged.  It is rated 8/10.  It measures 14 x 8 x 3 cms.  There is some very slight surace oxidisation to the inside of the tin and the base retains its original gold colour. (This tin presents better than it appears in the photograph)

Stock Code:  NAU004     PRICE:  $180.00 AUD

Oceanic Cut Plug Tobacco Tin


These Oceanic Cut Plug tobacco tins are beautiful examples of early 1900's American lithography.  This is guaranteed to be 100% original (or your money back) but these tins were copied some years ago by a company called Cheinco.  Its always a good sign of a quality item if its copied but the copies were a different measurement so there is no mistaking the two when side by side.  The original tins in great condition are very difficult to come by and make an excellent investment in any collection.

The condition of this tin is 8/10 with a few marks here and there to the lithograph .  It has no damage and no rust.  It measures 15 x 9.5 x 8 cms (large tin).

Stock Code:  NAU005     PRICE:  $299.00 AUD

Player's Navy Cut Cigarette Tin


This classic Player's Navy Cut Cigarette Tin comes in many shapes and sizes with some slight variations to the design.  It was produced from the late 1800's until well into the 1900's.  This particular tin is a flat tin and held 20 cigarettes.

This tin is rated 9/10, about as good as you could find!  It has only the slighest of marks or imperfections.  It measures 10 x 8 x 1.5 cms.  Ideal for those who are just starting their collections and who want to keep only quality tins.

Stock Code:  NAU006     PRICE:  $75.00  (1 other available)

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